MKVtoolnix 51.0

Create and analyze Matroska files

Set of tools for creating, altering and inspecting the Matroska file format. Split , merge, extract and get information about MKV video files. It also supports video codecs and subtitle formats.

With MKV (Matroska) video files becoming the de facto standard for compact and widely supported HD video containers, MKVToolNix offers you a bundle of highly useful MKV-related utilities under a unique, attractive, and open-source GUI. With it, you can extract and remove tracks from a MKV file, create a new one from a set of media files, or simply know more about the files it contains.

This graphical user interface, which has been around for quite a while now and has become a favorite for MKV lovers, seamlessly integrates tools to provide you with essential details about any MKV file (mkvinfo), the option to extract specific streams and tracks from a MKV container (mkvextract), or create a new MKV file by combining a set of supported video, audio, and subtitle files, for instance. All this functionality is extremely well integrated into the program’s interface, so that it does look like a true solid MKV tool instead of just a main menu from where you can open the programs mentioned above. Together with these utilities, the program offers you an Info Tool, a Chapter Editor, and a Header Editor.

You can use MKVToolNix to turn your Blu-ray discs into a compact one-file movie that you can play back on nearly any computer, tablet, or external disk connected to a TV set without losing any of its original video and audio quality. During the ripping process, you’re allowed to choose your preferred audio and subtitle streams, or leave out specific BD content or chapters, which will result in a smaller and easier-to-manage compact MKV file. A similar operation can be performed on any existing MKV file containing tracks you don’t want to see or carry with you (say, movie trailers), as well as audio tracks or subtitle files in languages you don’t speak or need.

MKVToolNix supports batch processing, so you can concatenate various operations on different MKV files and let the program do the hard work for you. Matroska files are the easiest way of putting an entire movie on just one file in its full HD Blu-ray quality, as no quality loss takes place in any BD-to-MKV conversion process, regardless of the program used. This extremely useful and free GUI provides with you all the utilities you’ll ever need to enjoy your BDs anywhere and with just the streams you need.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Includes a chapter editor
  • Bundles mkvmerger, mkvextract, and mkvinfo in one GUI
  • Rips Blu-ray movies with no quality loss


  • Lacks a more user-friendly documentation
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