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Create and analyze Matroska files
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Set of tools for creating, altering and inspecting the Matroska file format. Split , merge, extract and get information about MKV video files. It also supports video codecs and subtitle formats.

MKVToolNix is specifically intended to perform various operations involving Matroska files (MKV, MKA, MKS, MK3D), like inspecting, modifying and manipulating their contents. Yet, it supports WebM files as well.

The program can help you do virtually anything that is possible with an MKV file. There is a multiplexer that lets you combine various video and audio tracks. Luckily, the tool supports importing a very long list of media formats. Additionally, for each of the added tracks, you can edit its properties, like language and compression. Likewise, you can set it as the track played by default. For video tracks, you can configure aspect ratio, simulate 3D using various stereoscopy methods as well as add subtitles and chapter properties.

It is good that MKVToolNix can be used as an MKV editor and converter. In this respect, it allows merging, appending and cropping video. Other useful features of this tool are the Info tool, to inspect file properties; the header editor, to modify its headers; as well as the chapter editor, to divide the source movie into various chapters. Moreover, you can use the program to embed any kind of external file in the container. Good news is that it can process files in batches, which helps you save valuable time and effort.

In my opinion, the weakest part of this tool is its graphical user interface, which is quite complex and not suitable for inexpert users. Luckily, some of its functions can be run from the command line.

To conclude, there is probably no other tool MKVToolNix in terms of exploiting the full potential of MKV as a video container. I just wish it had a friendlier interface. The product is fortunately freeware and available for various platforms.

Pedro Castro
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  • Very versatile and powerful
  • Lets you add various video and audio tracks and modify their properties
  • Supports embedding external files
  • Processes files in batches
  • Can simulate 3D video


  • Difficult to use
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